Arlo’s Morning

by Sterling Meeuwen

Arlo had never spent the night with a girl before. He just laid there listening to her soft breathing. It was pleasant. Her body was warm next to his. Her presence while enjoyable was prevent him from nodding off. He just laid there thinking about the things she had said to him that night. He admitted that he had never been in love before. He didn’t know what it was. She was dead set that it did not exist. This hurt him bad when she said it because it meant that she could never fall in love with him. He on the other hand did believe in the concept and was well on his way over the cliff. He laid there trying to force himself back onto the ledge, as if he could some how will himself out of the jump he had already made.

He could hear the birds start their morning song and the light began to creep into the room. It was no use trying to sleep now. He laid there for a few more minutes enjoy the warmth of her. She was dead asleep and he feared that if he laid there much longer he would wake her. The day had been planned loosely. This was hard for Arlo, he planned everything down to the minute. She would have none of it. For her planning led to expectation and expectation led to let down.

The room was now full of light and Arlo felt the need to stir. He slowly slid out of the bed and put on his bottoms. The dog was already up and had given him a whimper. He hushed the dog as he opened the door to the bedroom. The dog slipped passed him and headed to the back door. Outside the yard was in full sun, He stood there and just felt it’s warmth. It reminded him of the warm body that was still asleep in his bed. He wondered how long she would sleep. She was still when he returned to the room. He snuck back into the bed and laid next her, staring at the ceiling. I don’t know what love is, he admitted to himself but, I know what I like and I know who I am. I am not a guy that gives up.